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It's taken me quite a while to decide to open my own website. Anyway here I am. Better late than never. Mainly because I've received so many requests from fans and fanatics. I was really surprised to see how many people are addicted to the horror-thriller genre, also flattered and rather amazed to learn that I have fanclubs sprouting up all over the world. Maybe because my long absence from the thriller scene has caused a deep seated need for me to return. Well you'll be happy to hear that Bido is back and rarin' to go.I've just finished writing a script with Marisa Andalò. It's called "IL TARLO DEL MALE" (The Worm Of Evil) and as I really believe in it and am determined to realize it I'm going to see it makes it to the "silver screen" even in this dramatic moment of crisis in the Italian cinema. Therefore I'm entering the website world to let you know that I'm alive and kicking and to ask for your advice and encouragement. Will you give it to me?. They tell me Internet can work wonders…

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Dear friends, I apologize if it's a long time since I update this news, but from now on I PROMISE I'll do it more often. I wanted to tell you that I published on YOU TUBE a music video, recently completed, on fantasy in D m of Mozart, that I run myself at the piano. I really care about this video, because it is a thing that I did just for the fun, not-for-profit organization. And 'as if I were a boy again, when I made my independent films. I'd like to get your opinions about this video. As far as the new film there is a project entitled "THE BOOK", which involves, in addition to the undersigned, many of the most famous directors in the thriller 70s. It proceeds very slowly, and when there will be news, I will inform you.

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